Core Monkeys
Hello everyone. The Monkey Map Masters Challenge is intended to be a series of tournies for sport and fun amongst you and your fellow Monkeys.


On announced days and times, Core Monkeys will gather in the Core. We will compete on a different map on that week using standard decks. We will play double elimination, last monkey standing earns the title of Monkey Master for that map, the right to compete in the Core Monkey Master tourney, and even a good prize. Once you qualify, you're welcome to spectate in the other qualifiers, but there will be different Core Monkeys for each represented map competing in finals. The format for the finals will be posted once the qualifiers are complete.

Revision Note

We realize the tourney was on hiatus for quite sometime, but now with interfaction events out of the way and several new members we can pick up where we left off. The possiblity of a wildcard monkey and/or playing the new maps will be decided after participation for Asia (to be ran by Drazk/Sandye) is analyzed. Hope lots of people show up. Remember this is all about sport, fun, and PARTICIPATION.


9/4/1999 Europe - Frickin Chickin

9/11/1999 America - Shanedoggy Dogg

9/25/1999 Pacifica - Superno1

12/18/1999 World - Mootown2

12/2/2000 Asia - Anakin

7/29/2001 Northern Sprawl - Talon

August (Tentative) Antarctica Qualifier