Golani - Security Precautions
by Imrahil

1 x Ashraf Mobolade
3 x Colonel Chandru
4 x Lancaster Armored Corps
4 x Lancaster Commander
4 x Lancaster IC
4 x Lancaster Infantry

4 x Ceremonial Sabre

4 x Security Precautions

1 x Golani HQ
1 x Build Site
2 x Prison Camp
2 x UN Weapons Depot

42 total, counting HQ

(I've thought about adding Eminent Domains to this deck, but it's hard enough drawing early, playable assets as is - I'm open to suggestiong, though...)

General tips - The toughest part of this deck is maintaining just enough defense at your HQ while trying to maintain an offensive presence. In general, I'll put the first IC, Commander, & all Armored Corps at my HQ for defense. All the rest, especially the Chandrus, go on offense.

A couple of Chandrus, accompanied by a Sabre-wielding Commander or two, can make short work of most defenses. If you run into a really tough defense, however, use Security Precautions plus Chandru's special ability for an unblockable attack.

(tip - in a mirror match, remember that nothing in his deck can block Chandru when she uses her special ability, so once you have 2 Chandru's, attack one-at-a-time)

- Imrahil

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