Goon Conc
by Imrahil

4 x Anceph Warrior
4 x Frenzied Trooper
2 x Hasaku Commercial Auton
4 x Marcus M5x
4 x Zeke Z11x

4 x Concussion Grenade Strike
4 x H. Thalmann
3 x Scavenger Gang

1 x Distributed HQ
2 x Build Site
1 x (any cyber base)
3 x NSA Franchise
3 x Ops Center
3 x Tinker Base

42 total, counting HQ

General tips - Drop nothing but bases the first few turns, trying to find your opponent. Feel free to use H Thalmann with impunity, since Ashraf spawn is not Conc immune. Once you find your opponent, drop everything you can at his HQ, invoke Concussion Grenade & attack away.

Some people prefer Warrior Hunomes in their Conc decks, but I find the 2 Mil to attack to be too expensive. The Hasaku Autons are in there to deal with annoying Pillboxes, Security Checkpoints, & any other immobile mech that gets in the way.

- Imrahil
Download the deck.

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