Mawson/Vostok Antarctica
by Imrahil

4 x Mawson Force Commander
4 x Mawson Force Recon
2 x Mawson Force Snowcat
4 x Mawson Force Trooper
3 x Vostok Guard
3 x Vostok Ranger
3 x Vostok Warden

2 x Arms Export Contract
2 x Military Surplus

1 x Armored HQ
1 x Build Site
5 x (any military base)
1 x (any cyber base)
4 x Tinker Base
4 x Prison Camp

General tips - Get a token defense at your HQ quickly (generally 1 Recon, 1 Trooper, & the Guards), & then go base hunting with a Commander as soon as possible. Protect your line of bases until you can locate your opponent (remember, you're Armored, so he knows where you are from the start).

Once you find him, spend a few turns summoning & deploying as many Mawsons as you can afford. Deploy a Prison Camp at his HQ & start Shackling. It's often possible to win by Shackling your opponent's AT & attacking with the Rangers while the rest of your forces protect your Camp.

- Imrahil

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