Core Monkeys
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Faction Structure
Welcome, fellow Chron X player. Seeking a way of helping other players? Need help in your career in Chron X? Or do you simply want to have fun? Then you've come to the right place.
First of all, the principles laid down by the Monkey Council must be thoroughly read and completely understood. So please, take the time necessary to read our principles.
If you like what you see, e-mail CrashWire (remove the -x after crashwire - anti-spam measure) with the following information:
#1: Real Name
#2: Character Name
#3: Character ID number (to be found in the Manage Character screen)
#4: (Optional) Instant Messenger Handle (ICQ#, AIM username, MSN passport, YIM username)
#5: Please tell us something about yourself (age, interests, hobbies, why join us?, etc.) to let us get to know you better.
#6: If you have been recommended by another Monkey, please mention his/her name.