Core Monkeys
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Faction Structure

Principles as laid down by the Monkey Council:

Rule #1: Do not take advantage of new players. If you trick a newbie into doing something that would hurt his/her chances of being a competitive player, no one will trust the Core Monkeys. This includes no swindling them out of good cards, no distribution of false information, no duping them into losing a game or anything else that falls in the category.
Rule #2: Do not treat any player badly, regardless of their affiliation (or lack of affiliation) with any faction. Remember: you represent the Core Monkeys. The manner in which you conduct yourself reflects on the faction and directly affects not only your reputation, but also of the faction's.
Rule #3: Do not speak badly about members or leaders of other factions either. As stated in Rule 2, you represent the Core Monkeys.
Rule #4: When an argument occurs, don't be rash and abrasive, be cool. Do you want people to see you as a hothead or a cool guy?
Rule #5: Do not be a member of any faction other than the Core Monkeys while still within our ranks. If you do not have the desire to be a loyal member, then the Core Monkeys is not for you.
Rule #6: All Core Monkeys must abide by the rules and regulations laid down by Blue Sky Red Design.
Punishment for violating these principles will be decided as the instance occurs. We have a degree of tolerance, but severe offences will in no way be condoned.